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Hey Peeps!

we have a lot to fill you in on. Sorry it’s been over a week since we have updated here, we have been waiting for some video footage to be uploaded but it is taking longer then expected.

First! if you were with us on August 12th at Lee’s Palace… ¬†Thanks so much! It was such a cool show. The sound was great in that epic venue and we had a great time with everyone who came to hang with us. If you didn’t make it out to Lee’s, i wont lie, you missed a really fun night but i will give you a brief run down of the night.

We (in the band) got down town really early that afternoon and hung out at our band friend’s condo (TJ’s). Thanks man. Rolled in for sound check at about 6:30, got to know the house sound guy (Ron) who was one of my fave sound guys we have ever had. Which is weird considering that on our way in someone told me to watch out for the JERK sound guy who just kicked some other bands manager out of the club! ha ha. Anyway he did a really good job for us.

finished check and started meeting up with friends who began rolling in. Quickly grabbed dinner, ran back to Lee’s with 10 min’s till blast off.

The show was SICK! from the first hit of J’s lead bit in “Last Fight”, to the last E chord in “Sleeping Giants” we had an awesome time, and fed of your crazy energy. Ron the sound guy was cool enough to let us play a quick encore, so we busted out Johnny B Goode! I have always wanted to play that one live! cross that one of the bucket list.

it was a lot of fun all around, and there are pictures posted at all our online hubs. You NEED to check out Andrew Hesp’s album here

he was on the camera all night.

Now Moving on…

We are playing at The Velvet Underground this coming Thursday night, and we don’t want you to miss it! also, we don’t want to miss you. So be sure to come out and bring your friends and have a good time with us on Thursday. you can check all the details here.

we have been adding a lot of shows to our calendar lately and you can see those dates here

expect some more updates in the next few days as we have some stuff coming in that we will need to be sharing! see you soon!


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