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Hi Guys and Girls!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on whats been going on with us. We’ve been doing a lot of work to our set over the last little while, and if you didn’t come to see us this weekend, then put on your pants and get your self to a show soon, cuz we are having a great time!

Last night we played “The Opera House” in Toronto, and it was a blast! We were so happy that so many of you came out to see us, and want to thank you so much. We were all really excited leading up to the show, and let’s just say that it lived up to our expectations! When we first arrived we met Donte, the promoter that night, he showed us around the place and generally took care of the in’s and out’s of our show. He also hook us up with a killer rig to lift our banner behind us on stage! (Awesome). We played a good set, we felt it had some cool energy despite a few technical difficulties (tech diff’s). We loved seeing all the TBL t-shirts, and fed of your crazy energy. Afterward it was cool to meet Dean from Road Runner Records, Dan from Under Ground Operations/Universal Music, and Kelvin from Inity Arts and Music. Most of all it was cool seeing all of you who came and had a great time, and we look forward o the next one at Lee’s Palace! Hope to see you there!


-Dave and Matt

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