Whats up people?

I just wanted to give you a little info on what has been going on. It seem’s as though our resident camera people in the band have put the cam’s away for the last few weeks to focus on rocking and rolling. So if you didn’t come see us at Barrie New Music Fest this past thursday, or KOI Fest in Kitchener this past Saturday, you will have to take my word for it that they were pretty awesome.

I will start by saying that when you are dealing with TBL, you are dealing with a band that LOVES to play! We really just want to play our music to as many people as we can and as often as we can. So it is true, you can expect to hear us looking fondly on shows that may not even attract a lot of people. For us it is pretty easy to find the silver lining in the typically “lamest” seeming shows.

On Thursday we were booked to play the Barrie New Music Fest and we all drove down to play at around 7. I wasn’t feeling that great, as my voice had been a little off due to a cold i was fighting off. we were booked to play at 8:00 so we were cutting it close. quickly unloaded got on stage, did a quick sound check, and played to the groups of people who showed up at the Georgian College club. The venue was very eco friendly, and fostered a lot of feedback, but we feel that we played well. We finished the set, met some cool people. Drank our complementary beers (thats all you get when you play festivals) went home and got some sleep.

Saturday came along and we all were up and at it for the KOI Fest in Kitchener. before we left to the venue Jay (luckily) checked the website for the schedule. It turns out that we were taken off the list…  We didn’t know what happened, but definitely didn’t want to go all the way down to K/W for no reason, se we got on the phone, and called the Festival. for a while there was no response, but they ended up calling us back and the mistakenly switched our set to an other venue. SO, with the new venue in sight, we took of and showed up on time to find out that the 2 bands before us didn’t show up. That Sucks. But we weren’t about to let that hold us back. 10:30 rolled around, TBL took the stage, we had some good friends there to watch who had never seen us play before and we had a great time. The set was a bit short, but it had a lot of energy. so thanks BNF and KOI for some fun times, and free Beer / Energy Drinks (not at the same time). We look forward to playing again next year.

OK! if you made it to the end of this post, keep checking back to this page, we will be starting our campaign for Toronto Indy Week this week and we want to make sure you are all ready well in advance to rock out with us on October 15th in Toronto.

TILL NEXT TIME!          …       TBL OUT!!!!!!1!!!


The Breaking Lakes

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