We received a great review of our CD Release show and our “Sleeping Giants” CD by Lisa Watson from Headwater Region’s magazine called “In The Hills“. This is copied from the section ‘The Year in Music (2010)’ posted on Nov 21st. Click here to view it online. (it’s about half way down the page)

The Breaking Lakes Sleeping Giants

Recorded at Blue Box Studios – Barrie 2010

I was thrilled to hear these guys, completely out of left field, at a recent triple-header in the Wellington Room at Rebekha Sushi. I thought – omigod, I’ve discovered something here. I must tell everyone. So here I am telling you these young men are smooth and spot-on with their playing. An epic rock sound. Big and full and powerful. Great poetry, effects…I can’t say enough. Excellent show, excellent CD. Someone else might be able to do it, but I can’t pin a label on them. Okay, best guess is Supertramp.

Favourite tracks: Sleeping Giants and Last Fight. I love intricate rhythms. Oh, and maybe Dented Fingers. I dunno – fabulous.


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