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In January The Breaking Lakes were asked to be a wedding band for myself and Dave’s sister’s wedding reception.  It was an awesome time, however, having never been asked to do this before we quickly realized that we didn’t know enough good dance songs to fill up the time.  So for the next few weeks we went to work at putting a set together.  It was a blast and needless to say, I hope you all like Twist and Shout because I’m pretty sure it’s making its way into the TBL rotation.


Due to our extreme focus and pursuit of excellence in trying to pretend to be a wedding band, The Breaking Lakes might have seemed to be a bit on the down-low.  Well never fear!  We’ve got a bunch of stuff planned for these next few months and we look forward to sharing them with you!


Firstly, how about a new song to spice your appetite?  In the spirit of the aforementioned nuptials, we thought about giving you all “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” and this new song fits  the description perfectly.  Allow me to explain:


Something Old:  The song, “The Shadow”, was actually recorded a while ago.  Dave, Jay, and I were in another band called Silverlane along with our good friends Adam Kozak and Mike Ashton. We recorded this song for an EP we called “Neanderthals to Concert Halls”.  Adam is ripping on guitar and Mike is on bass.  See if you can figure out where you’ve heard that girl’s voice before.  Sound familiar?


Something New:  Simply put, the song is also new because we’re releasing it again.  Also, I’m sure there are plenty of you who haven’t heard it before… so it’ll be new to you.


Something Borrowed:  As I said earlier, originally we recorded this song with our old band a few years ago.  So it’s kind of like we’re borrowing it… but Dave wrote it, with most of TBL… so it’s all good.


Something Blue: The song “The Shadow” was written by Dave for our family dog Shadow.  Dave noticed how Shadow looked incredibly sad every Sunday night when he’d go back to York University, leaving the house empty and quiet.  It was like Shadow was losing a friend every week.  The song was written for our dog to let him know that sometimes we have to leave, but that we’ll be coming back soon.  Even though it was written for our dog, it also applies to many of our relationships with people. The song itself is kind of melancholy and therefore a bit blue. Shadow has died since almost giving the song more depth than before.


We will be releasing this song THIS FRIDAY (March 18, 2011) at midnight, and it will be available on our bandcamp site ( I know you like free stuff so here is what we will do for you if you have twitter:


TWEET FOR A DOWNLOAD CODE! Just promote TBL and “The Shadow” with a tweet and make sure to add @breakinglakes in the tweet so we can find you in our mentions. We’ll direct message you a download code on twitter and you can use that code to download “The Shadow” for free on bandcamp. If we missed your tweet just send us a message and we’ll get you the code. Remember this starts on March 18th! This Friday!


We have a bunch more stuff in the works too *cough *cough video *cough and a whole bunch else.  New shows coming soon!


That was a big post!  I hope to see you all soon,


-Matt and The Breaking Lakes



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