The Breakig Lakes looking oh so mod

So mod baby.


I made this poster for the upcoming show at the The Mod Club.  We were channeling our inner beatnik for this poster as we felt we should look all “mod” for our gig at the The Mod Club.  I guess it’s actually just a cool club and it isn’t at all stuck in the 1950′s… even though that would be cool too.  Oh well you live and you learn :)


The Breaking Lakes will be playing at the Mod Club on Thursday, April 21, 2011 and it’s going to be amazing!!!  However what else would you expect to read off a blog written by one of the guys in the band to whom this site is dedicated to?  I know I would not have expected much less… did you notice the use of three sequential exclamation marks?  Yeah, we mean business.  As a rule, our band only whips those out when we really mean what we’re saying to the extreme, or if Jay is posting something on twitter.  Twitter seems to have a gorilla style grammar system going on, where as this is a blog.  This isn’t Nam, there are rules, and when you see three exclamation marks in a row you know it’s going to be epic!!!



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