Hey everyone! So a couple years ago Dave and I lived together at York University. One Wednesday night our roommate Sophia asked us why we never do anything fun on Wednesday nights. This was the night Fun Night was born. For the rest of the year we made videos every week proving how much fun Wednesdays actually are. Soon we will be posting a brand new TBL Fun Night, but for now I will share a taste of some of the fun we had in Fun Night’s first season with this YouTube vid! The channel is called ‘funnight0′ if you want to see the rest but the new ones will be posted on our TBL channel, ‘thebreakinglakes’. YouTube Preview Image


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We received a great review of our CD Release show and our “Sleeping Giants” CD by Lisa Watson from Headwater Region’s magazine called “In The Hills“. This is copied from the section ‘The Year in Music (2010)’ posted on Nov 21st. Click here to view it online. (it’s about half way down the page)

The Breaking Lakes Sleeping Giants

Recorded at Blue Box Studios – Barrie 2010

I was thrilled to hear these guys, completely out of left field, at a recent triple-header in the Wellington Room at Rebekha Sushi. I thought – omigod, I’ve discovered something here. I must tell everyone. So here I am telling you these young men are smooth and spot-on with their playing. An epic rock sound. Big and full and powerful. Great poetry, effects…I can’t say enough. Excellent show, excellent CD. Someone else might be able to do it, but I can’t pin a label on them. Okay, best guess is Supertramp.

Favourite tracks: Sleeping Giants and Last Fight. I love intricate rhythms. Oh, and maybe Dented Fingers. I dunno – fabulous.


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From the Imprint, the University of Waterloo student newspaper. Thanks!

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Thanks to everyone that came out to Indie Week this past weekend! We had a great time hanging out with you. For those of you that weren’t there we won the first showcase on Friday night at the Bread and Circus. There were some great bands that night so it is a great feeling knowing we can compete! We came back to the Bread and Circus to play again on Saturday night but the competition was fiercer and the stakes were higher. A win would have put us into the finals and gave us the chance to win a trip to Ireland, but it was The Tiny Black Dress, a stellar Toronto band, that took the crown that night. We still had a blast and strengthened the TBL buzz in the Toronto scene.

If you haven’t seen us yet in these past few months we have one more Toronto show coming up this Saturday October 23rd. We are playing the Y108 Rock and Roll Challenge at the Hard Luck. (812 Dundas St. W.) The doors open at 8pm and we play at 9:45pm and the tickets are $10 in advance from us or at the door. This is a big opportunity for us because we are being judged by industry professionals and are competing for $25,000 in cash and prizes! We need to bring in 20 people to be eligible to compete so make sure when you buy your ticket that you tell them you are there to see TBL play! Hope to see you there! – Jay

Click “attending” on the Facebook event!


Here’s a vid from Indie Week:

YouTube Preview Image

Oh I almost forgot, TBL OUT!

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… is coming up! And you’re totally invited. The Breaking Lakes are playing this Friday October 15th 2010. Details? We’re playing at Bread and Circus (299 Augusta Av. Toronto, ON). The doors open at 8:00pm but we don’t play until 11:30pm. And the cover charge is $6! Not bad.

There will be industry judges determining whether or not we will make it to the next round, and a big criteria is crowd response! So every extra screaming voice we can fill the venue with is a huge bonus for us.

If you would like to join us and hang out then join the Facebook event page!


And if you have any questions feel free to email us! It’s thebreakinglakes@live.ca.

For those of you that have seen us recently, we have a brand new song that we are debuting for Indie Week. We’re excited to share it, it’s a lot of fun to play.

YouTube Preview Image

If you can’t make this Toronto show we have another one next week (October 23rd) at the Hard Luck bar for the Y108 Rock and Roll Challenge! Check back to our website for more information about that show. www.thebreakinglakes.com

Well we hope to see you then and we hope everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend was great!



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Whats up people?

I just wanted to give you a little info on what has been going on. It seem’s as though our resident camera people in the band have put the cam’s away for the last few weeks to focus on rocking and rolling. So if you didn’t come see us at Barrie New Music Fest this past thursday, or KOI Fest in Kitchener this past Saturday, you will have to take my word for it that they were pretty awesome.

I will start by saying that when you are dealing with TBL, you are dealing with a band that LOVES to play! We really just want to play our music to as many people as we can and as often as we can. So it is true, you can expect to hear us looking fondly on shows that may not even attract a lot of people. For us it is pretty easy to find the silver lining in the typically “lamest” seeming shows.

On Thursday we were booked to play the Barrie New Music Fest and we all drove down to play at around 7. I wasn’t feeling that great, as my voice had been a little off due to a cold i was fighting off. we were booked to play at 8:00 so we were cutting it close. quickly unloaded got on stage, did a quick sound check, and played to the groups of people who showed up at the Georgian College club. The venue was very eco friendly, and fostered a lot of feedback, but we feel that we played well. We finished the set, met some cool people. Drank our complementary beers (thats all you get when you play festivals) went home and got some sleep.

Saturday came along and we all were up and at it for the KOI Fest in Kitchener. before we left to the venue Jay (luckily) checked the website for the schedule. It turns out that we were taken off the list…  We didn’t know what happened, but definitely didn’t want to go all the way down to K/W for no reason, se we got on the phone, and called the Festival. for a while there was no response, but they ended up calling us back and the mistakenly switched our set to an other venue. SO, with the new venue in sight, we took of and showed up on time to find out that the 2 bands before us didn’t show up. That Sucks. But we weren’t about to let that hold us back. 10:30 rolled around, TBL took the stage, we had some good friends there to watch who had never seen us play before and we had a great time. The set was a bit short, but it had a lot of energy. so thanks BNF and KOI for some fun times, and free Beer / Energy Drinks (not at the same time). We look forward to playing again next year.

OK! if you made it to the end of this post, keep checking back to this page, we will be starting our campaign for Toronto Indy Week this week and we want to make sure you are all ready well in advance to rock out with us on October 15th in Toronto.

TILL NEXT TIME!          …       TBL OUT!!!!!!1!!!


The Breaking Lakes

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Hey Peeps!

we have a lot to fill you in on. Sorry it’s been over a week since we have updated here, we have been waiting for some video footage to be uploaded but it is taking longer then expected.

First! if you were with us on August 12th at Lee’s Palace…  Thanks so much! It was such a cool show. The sound was great in that epic venue and we had a great time with everyone who came to hang with us. If you didn’t make it out to Lee’s, i wont lie, you missed a really fun night but i will give you a brief run down of the night.

We (in the band) got down town really early that afternoon and hung out at our band friend’s condo (TJ’s). Thanks man. Rolled in for sound check at about 6:30, got to know the house sound guy (Ron) who was one of my fave sound guys we have ever had. Which is weird considering that on our way in someone told me to watch out for the JERK sound guy who just kicked some other bands manager out of the club! ha ha. Anyway he did a really good job for us.

finished check and started meeting up with friends who began rolling in. Quickly grabbed dinner, ran back to Lee’s with 10 min’s till blast off.

The show was SICK! from the first hit of J’s lead bit in “Last Fight”, to the last E chord in “Sleeping Giants” we had an awesome time, and fed of your crazy energy. Ron the sound guy was cool enough to let us play a quick encore, so we busted out Johnny B Goode! I have always wanted to play that one live! cross that one of the bucket list.

it was a lot of fun all around, and there are pictures posted at all our online hubs. You NEED to check out Andrew Hesp’s album here


he was on the camera all night.

Now Moving on…

We are playing at The Velvet Underground this coming Thursday night, and we don’t want you to miss it! also, we don’t want to miss you. So be sure to come out and bring your friends and have a good time with us on Thursday. you can check all the details here.


we have been adding a lot of shows to our calendar lately and you can see those dates here


expect some more updates in the next few days as we have some stuff coming in that we will need to be sharing! see you soon!


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Hi Guys and Girls!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on whats been going on with us. We’ve been doing a lot of work to our set over the last little while, and if you didn’t come to see us this weekend, then put on your pants and get your self to a show soon, cuz we are having a great time!

Last night we played “The Opera House” in Toronto, and it was a blast! We were so happy that so many of you came out to see us, and want to thank you so much. We were all really excited leading up to the show, and let’s just say that it lived up to our expectations! When we first arrived we met Donte, the promoter that night, he showed us around the place and generally took care of the in’s and out’s of our show. He also hook us up with a killer rig to lift our banner behind us on stage! (Awesome). We played a good set, we felt it had some cool energy despite a few technical difficulties (tech diff’s). We loved seeing all the TBL t-shirts, and fed of your crazy energy. Afterward it was cool to meet Dean from Road Runner Records, Dan from Under Ground Operations/Universal Music, and Kelvin from Inity Arts and Music. Most of all it was cool seeing all of you who came and had a great time, and we look forward o the next one at Lee’s Palace! Hope to see you there!


-Dave and Matt

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So we were out in Tillsonburg at Norma Jeans on Canada Day!!!  Here’s some of the day… peace out!

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dont ask…   just watch!

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