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Hello friends,
So here is the deal, as promised, our brand spankin’ new debut album Sleeping Giants is available for absolutely zero papers, coins, electronic transfers, or gold bars. What I mean is, you can get it for free! Legally. No need to open up Limewire and risk your computer blowing up. No need to go torrent searching either. Wanna know how to do it? IT’S EASY!

STEP 2 – look at the guy on the far left with the blonde hair, isn’t he handsome?
STEP 3 – click on the big red button that says BUY NOW (name your price)
STEP 4 – don’t freak out because it says buy, i promise it’s FREE
STEP 5 – where it says name your price put in “0″
STEP 6 – if you have a credit card or paypal account please consider supporting us and paying for the album, all of the money we make from CD sales goes straight back into the band fund and helps us grow and make more music
STEP 7 – put in your email address, country, postal code and click OK!
STEP 8 – check your email!
STEP 9 – realize that we secretly tricked you into joining our mailing list! MUAH HA HA, don’t worry we only send updates once a month or so.
STEP 10 – put it on your ipod and add a song or two into your justin beiber playlist

SEE IT’S SO EASY! only 10 steps and you’re on your way to guilt free non-pirated free music heaven. You read through all the steps so you might as well go download it now! Anyways, enough of my sales-pitch, I need to get back to trying to rescue the turtle that fell into my pool. Who said turtles are slow? That thing can move, like a cheetah.
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So… last week was a lot of fun!

Here’s a little update on the the happenings down here at the TBL camp.  We released our first album, “Sleeping Giants”, last week!  It was an amazing time and a lot of fun.  To start it all off, Jay was able to get us an interview up at B105.5 fm, which is a Bolton/Caledon radio station.  Yes, it’s small, and you probably haven’t heard of it before… but you should! The guys there were awesome!  Very cool stand-up dudes!  Johnnie A, Rob, DJ Dave, and Juice (I assume, spell it like the noun) thanks so much for having us.  We were kind of expecting to go in, answer a few questions, play a tune and leave.  Instead, they played, like, half the album, Dave and Jay played two other songs live on the air, and we chatted for quite a while.

The next day Juice (again, not sure how you want me to spell that one) had us do a show at the Toby Jug Pub in Bolton.  The show was SUPER loud, but proved to be a great warm up for the night to come… The Official CD Release Show.

Saturday was a whirl wind.  We did’t get home until 2ish in the morning from Bolton. Then it was up early to get the sound gear and instruments together for the show.  We went down to pick up the system from our good friend Adam, then over to Rebekha Sushi to set it all up.

In time, the other bands showed up.  Devin came by, and a bunch of the Bremen Town Players.  Things were ready to go off!  At around 9 or so, Adam Kozak got the night rolling as people were coming in with a classic “Kozak Attack”!  He and his friend Evan did a Drum and Bass duo.  Only… it’s not what you think.  No dance beats over here… just straight up rock and roll.  Next up was Devin and the Dark Lights.  Again, great music!  Devin’s work, in my simple opinion, has such a great quirky quality to it.  Unique and fun.  Up next was the Bremen Town Players.  Killed it… again!  I’ve seen them play only twice before, and every time was amazing.  Great song writing, great musicianship, gets stuck in your head instantly… but in a good way.  There was a bit of a technical glitch at the start of their set.  The speakers kept cutting out when they sang.  Like I said… haha, minor problem.  Dave sorted it out quickly in my opinion.  If it was up to me, I would have probably just peed myself… there were a lot of people watching, and most of them came to see the Bremens.

Haha, psyche, I totally wouldn’t have peed myself… I don’t think.

The Bremens were awesome once the ball got rolling.  And then The Breaking Lakes‘ turn.  We ironed out some kinks and stuff from the night before.  The set felt good, the people who came were amazing.  We are a new band, so like I said, most of the people who came, came to see Devin, and the Bremens, deservedly so.  All the other sets were great.  So truly, to everyone who was able to come out so late and stay up with us to rock a bit, thank you so much.  Orangeville has a great community of musicians and music lovers, and we were proud to have the opportunity to be able to be a part of it this past weekend.

So again, thanks to all the guys at B105.5 fm “The B Side” and thanks to Juice and the Toby Jug.  A huge thanks to Chris at Rebekha Sushi for letting us mess up the basement until very, very late.  Also thanks to Devin and the Dark Light, Adam Kozak, and The Brem Town Players for the great music and cool vibes and to Perry at Aardvark Music and Culture for helping us get this show on the road.


This is just a small video blog of our time at B105.5 fm

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Wow, that was a really long blog post. I’m never going to do one that big ever that again.

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… So folks, here’s the scoop!  This is how to get your FREE Advanced copy of The Breaking Lakes’ new album “Sleeping Giants”!

The Breaking Lakes will be releasing their first album on Saturday, May 29th!

We will be joined by our friends The Bremen Town Players, Devin and the Dark Light, and Adam Kozak!

The Doors open at 8:30pm

It will be at Rebekha Sushi 35 Armstrong St., Orangeville

Tickets are $10

They can be purchased at Aardvark Music and Culture (Orangeville) 169 Broadway, 519-941-4100 (available now!) COMES WITH A FREE CD!

p.s. while driving keep your eyes on the road

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You can now recieve email updates from us! Just put your email in the box on the right side of this page.



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Ok so the time has come,
We have spent literally thousands of hours writing, arranging, rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, and sequencing our latest music. Over the past year we have put a lot of effort into creating The Breaking Lakes debut, full length album, and we are so close to releasing it.
Today we wanted to give you a taste of what you can expect to hear on it by pre-releasing 4 songs for online streaming. So head on over to to listen to them!
we would love it if you could give us a bit of feedback on these songs right on our facebook event page. This way, as we are still a baby band, we can really start to get to know who is listening and in turn start building our TBL community with you.
We will all be on facebook to chat right about now. (12 am) so if you would like to talk to the band / add them as a friend, that would be really cool too.

Ok thanks everyone for all the support you have shown us so far, and this is going to be a crazy ride.
-Dave, Jay, Matt, Ryan.

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Hey There! We’re The Breaking Lakes and we’re new to this thing they call the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

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